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Training Rig

With the demand for renewables training on the rise as the UK Governments commits to reduce carbon emissions, training providers are being placed under pressure to find ways to deliver specialised renewables training. Fixed fully installed training aids for this sector require significant investment and space, of which both are often limited.

The Energy Training Network has designed a training aid solution for Air Source Heat Pumps to make heat pump training more accessible to students and heating engineers looking to upskill through college adult education courses.

The Air Source Heat Pump training rig is a moveable training aid which demonstrates how an air source heat system works. The high-quality training rig is a mobile unit, easily transferred to any area of a college, university, training provider or education arena, fitting through any standard door.

The carefully designed training rig has been built to educate learners about the principles, design and operating of an air source heat pump.

The rig includes a detailed Piping and Instrumentation diagram (P&ID) mounted on a sturdy, washable board above the trolley and a detailed diagram of the internal functional and electrical parts of the heat pump, allowing the students to view the inner workings of the heat pump.

Each component of the air source heat pump installation is labelled and comprises of the following equipment all fitted on a lightweight steel frame, with large lockable wheels:

  • Heat Pump
  • Radiator
  • Controller
  • Distribution Board
  • Heat Pump Control
  • Buffer Tank
  • Expansion Vessel
  • Heat Pump Switch
  • Charge Pump Switch
  • Distribution Board
  • Supply Outlet
  • Pressure Gauge

Overall dimensions: 1320 x 1372 x 407 mm (H x W x D) Output: Nominal 3KW for DHW

“The rig was very well designed and made from top quality material. Visually it is very impressive, a lot of thought has gone into the layout to give a student the best possible introduction to air source heat pumps.”
Rob Grinstead, Programme Manager for Construction at East Surrey College