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Begin your journey into renewable energy with the Energy Training Network!

About Us

The Energy Training Network is an alliance of like-minded individuals and organisations who train existing engineers and new entrants to the renewables sector in a combination of facilities, hotels, colleges and academies, using selected accredited reputable training providers across the UK, with the aim of improving the level of knowledge, skill and experience required to consult, design, install, maintain and train in renewables, specifically:

  • Heat pumps
  • Solar PV
  • EV Chargers
  • Battery Storage

And related emerging technologies, to exceptionally high standards in order to substantially contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and the use of fossil fuels, to achieve Net Zero.

If you are an existing business upskilling into renewables, or a school/college leaver looking for a career in renewables, or an engineer adding a qualification to your CV for a job, The Energy Training Network provides training solutions and guidance, to anyone wanting to work in the renewable energy sector.

We strive to empower individuals with the correct knowledge and skills to be effective and make a real difference to the environment, decrease energy consumption and reduce living costs. For home and business owners we offer an introductory course for more information about specific technologies and savings relevant to you.

Heat pumps, Solar PV, Electric Vehicles, Battery Storage and EV Chargers will play a major role in reaching net zero, with government’s target of 600,000 heat pump installations per year, by 2028. The biggest threats to achieving this target is not only a lack of consumer knowledge of how renewable technology works and how they may be integrated, but also the enormous skills shortage which is being exposed through the rapid increase in demand for these renewable products and services. For heat pumps alone, it was estimated there were only 3,000 trained heat pump engineers, but to hit the government’s rollout target at least 27,000 more need to be trained, and this excludes trained engineers for Solar PV and Battery Storage systems.

To create a renewable generation.

To be the leader in accredited renewable energy education and training.