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Green Schools Alliance


At Energy Training Network, we are passionate about working with schools, colleges and students across the UK to help them reduce energy costs and carbon emissions to “Powering Up Britain.

There is growing pressure from the younger generation for greener solutions, and we thank Greta Thunberg for driving this agenda with the Friday school protests around the world. Whilst all the motives for publicising the issue are sincere, we need to increase the awareness to educate school, college and university students about the issues, what we can do to resolve them and, more importantly, what technology is already available to implement now to achieve immediate and long-term results.

The Energy Training Network has created the Green Schools Alliance to EDUCATE learners students about technological solutions – Heat Pumps, MVHR, Solar PV, EV Chargers, Wind Turbines and Battery Storage – so that they are better equipped to champion the environment and the future of our planet.

The Green Schools Alliance also gives access to careers advice and guidance to MOTIVATE learners to work within the renewable energy sector; one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK.

As the future leaders and residents of planet earth, learners should be empowered to stimulate environmental awareness and action at all levels. The Green Schools Alliance will generate forums and discussion about climate change and reduction of carbon emissions, which is intended to lead to influencing societal habits and, ultimately, government legislation. Learners students will be ACTIVATED to promote the changes needed to provide cleaner energy, reduce energy costs and save our planet.

East Surrey College recently teamed up with Energy Training Network to provide free, high quality training to practicing plumbers and heating engineers on the design, installation and maintenance of energy efficient, low temperature heat pump hot water heating systems.

Terry Downham, Senior Business Account Manager at East Surrey College, added: “We were delighted to work in partnership with Energy Training Networks and Surrey County Council to deliver this training to equip plumbers and heating engineers with essential skills for a greener future. ”  Click here to view the full article.

Subscription to the
Green Schools Alliance

An annual subscription of £1,950.00 (ex VAT) entitles each member to:

An introductory talk at the school on renewable energy and technology,


An educational visit to a working site for up to 20 learners


  • Access to careers guidance in the renewable sector
  • Automatic entry for each school/college to the annual nationwide Green School Alliance competition
  • Access to membership rate training aids

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Be part of a body which educates, motivates and activates students and parents appropriately to make intelligent and responsible choices for the betterment of the environment and our planet.

Training Aids

We can provide bespoke portable training aids to schools, colleges and universities. Please contact us with your energy training needs using the Enquire Now form.

To find out more about the Green Schools Alliance and how to become part of the change, please contact us.